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Little Miracles That Matter

Miss Piggy with a Bead it Started With A Photo Shoot

Shortly after I started to carry the Trollbeads line, I hired a photographer to take some pictures of the beads and bracelets I’ve made. During that photoshoot, one of my customers, Susan came into the store with her husband. She was an avid collector, as well as some members of her family, her mother in particular. She visited me few times after, and we always had a good time looking at the beads, and putting together beautiful bracelets, and believe me, she didn’t need any help doing it.

In 2009 Trollbeads International rewarded their dealers in Europe, and people who bought beads online with a special gift. They sent them five beads, four to be kept and one was to be given away. They were not to be sold, but to spread the word about the brand, and most importantly, to make someone else happy. They called them the “Smiley Beads”. They came in several colors and had a smiley face on them. The idea was to surprise someone with a bead, and share that experience. You can still go to dedicated website that keeps memorable stories from people who received the Smiley Beads.

A Familiar Face

One day, Susan and her husband Walt came into the store. As usual, I was very excited to see them. And while I was getting my beads out, I did not notice that bead on a round card that she slipped under my nose. It was THAT yellow smiley bead. She caught me by surprise, but it hit me how unique and special that bead was. I knew right away that it was something I would always treasure. Till this day Susan is one of my best customers, a true Trollbeads collector, and still the same fun, loving and nice to be around woman she has always been. I always cherish having her come into the shop in person, or just saying quick hello via Facebook.

A Smile to Remember

That year, over 3,000 smiley beads were given away to make someones’ day happy. There are many stories on the site, and it is interesting to read them. Some beads came in the mail, some were left in the mailbox, some were hidden in things, or some, similar to mine, were just put right under your nose. Trollbeads “foundabead” idea was to make people to share something special with each other – a friendship, memories, laughter. It was also a brilliant marketing campaign- people were associating the product with the special memories and experiences. What a great opportunity to give something away to make someone smile?

Would you take the time to do that?

Or would you not?

Some of us take that chance, and some of us are fortunate to be the recipient, to be given more than a moment of happiness. We were fortunate to be able to look back and remember that feeling of surprise and humbling gratitude while receiving a little, simple gift of appreciation. Simple miracles of life matter the most.

The little things can break us or make us, but they always teach us how to be thankful for life, friends, family and America.

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