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Charms of Aloha

Living here in Skaneatles New York it is sometimes hard to imagine beach, ocean , sand and warm breezes. But in the 90s we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Hawaii.

My son was there so we had an inside look through his eyes. To capture the spirit of this island paradise was an amazing experience. Skaneateles is really beautiful, New York State is unbelievable in every season but winter, as it is not my favorite time of year.

Are we there yet?

The hardest part was getting there as I am a terrible traveler, always asking even as an adult, if we are there yet. My mother was with us, and she was in heaven as long as she could be with us and if she could have some crackers nearby that wouldn’t be too bad either.

So we did everything tourists do, as I suppose as they do here in Skaneateles. We shopped, we drove, we visited, we had a luau, we got “leis”. I even had to see the beach where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr were intertwined.

Almost like a dream

We went to another island, Maui. Where we snorkeled and just had ordinary super fun.

But one of the highlights was going to a church. The people were amazing, there seemed to be music and color everywhere. Women wore glorious hats, had glorious voices and we came out dancing, and loving Hawaii and all it’s charm.

It was almost like a dream. Dreamy sky, magnificent colors of water and mountains, and I left feeling that the trip was part of a story, a non ending coloring book.

Putting the “charm” in Charms of Aloha

Now that I have the line, Charms of Aloha, I appreciate the spirit it is supposed to evoke. Certainly the spirit behind the line is real to me. It is one of the reasons I decided to carry the beads, because it stirred memories of color and live. The Charms of Aloha truly spoke to me.

It makes me smile to know that the spirit of those who design and make the beads believe in the beauty behind the islands.

As I said, where we live is beautiful, and Skaneateles has a lot to offer, but in a different way. And I don’t think my Vito would like the heat. Maybe he would like the ocean.

Charms of Aloha beads do convey the color of the sky, flowers, and what I saw all around us. As a little tickler of what Hawaii is like, these beads remind me of a wonderful time in a wonderful place with wonderful people.

Of course I can’t be remiss in saying that we did visit Pearl Harbor because that was a vital part and heart of what I wanted to see. It left me breathless and sad, but proud to be an American and to have the opportunity to see and feel our country .

God bless America and all of its beauty. Lisa

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