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Spring Awakening

The newest Trollbeads Spring release inspired me to tell a story of why this line is so different from the other beads lines.

I started to play with the beads and began mixing them with other beads I wear on either a fantasy necklace or a bracelet. As any beads lovers, first, I look at them closely, then pair them with similar or different colors, and of course I love touching “my beads.”

Touching the beads always feels so good, so calming, and it also gives me a sense of connection with their beauty.

Memories of Youth

This year Trollbeads Spring collection brought me back to the happy memories of my youth.

Spring was a special time for my family. Easter reminds me of my clothes, patent leather shoes, white gloves, a pretty little purse and the dresses that my mother either made it herself, or bought while shopping in New York.

Looking closely at the beads is fascinating because you can see depth of their color or design, or sparkles. The sparkles remind me of my grandparents who always seemed to be laughing at me, as I I remember them always giggling and kissing us. Now I realize they were just so happy to be alive in this great country. They came here with nothing and managed to survive.. During Easter dinner, they were putting towels on us as bibs, feeding us pasta, and giving us wine with soda. If they only could see what we have now, they would be so happy!

Back then, my mother would make lamb for Easter, as she said that was “it”. We would drive to my grandparents house, lamb in the pot covered with a towel and us all together. As we drove through Bensonhurst, I can still see people strolling the streets wearing bright colored hats. There was a sense of renewal in the air, a special meaning to that day, a chance to gather what was loving and right.

For some reasons, my own reasons, these beads connect my thoughts and memories. Perhaps because of the colors, designs, and how they make me feel.

Brink of Spirituality

Spring is a special time, not just for patent leather shoes or beads, but it is like being on the brink of spirituality. It is being connected to the belief that God doesn’t care about anything but the trueness of my soul, the newness of my convictions, and the strength of my heart.

I hope you have a wonderful spring, and may you have a spring in your step, a leap of faith in your heart and a flame in your soul.

As always I pray that God blesses America, and you. Love

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