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Little Miracles That Matter

Miss Piggy with a Bead it Started With A Photo Shoot Shortly after I started to carry the Trollbeads line, I hired a photographer to take some pictures of the beads and bracelets I’ve made. During that photoshoot, one of my customers, Susan came into the store with her husband. She was an avid collector, as well as some members of her family, her mother in particular. She visited me few times after, and we always had a good time looking at the beads, and putting together beautiful bracelets, and believe me, she didn’t need any help doing it. In 2009 Trollbeads International rewarded their dealers in Europe, and people who bought beads online with a special gift. They sent them five beads, fo

Charms of Aloha

Living here in Skaneatles New York it is sometimes hard to imagine beach, ocean , sand and warm breezes. But in the 90s we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Hawaii. My son was there so we had an inside look through his eyes. To capture the spirit of this island paradise was an amazing experience. Skaneateles is really beautiful, New York State is unbelievable in every season but winter, as it is not my favorite time of year. Are we there yet? The hardest part was getting there as I am a terrible traveler, always asking even as an adult, if we are there yet. My mother was with us, and she was in heaven as long as she could be with us and if she could have some crackers nearby that wouldn

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